What is The Divine Appointment?

The Divine Appointment is a series of reflections that share the many encounters where God comes to meet us in every day life.

Our world is a fast-paced and busy place. Often we can go through days, months, and even years where we’re running from one thing to the next. Yet even in the frenzy, God comes to meet us: In the morning commute, in the stillness of a church, in a song, in an argument...He’s present—omnipresent—and always waiting for us to say hello.

Sometimes, when we step outside of ourselves, we encounter God in these places. He’s in the kind cashier at the supermarket where you buy your groceries. He’s in the child who woke you up in the middle of the night. He’s inside of you, on your best and worst days.

He makes these encounters with us throughout the day. Sometimes, in the midst of our chaos, we miss them. But other times, there are beautiful moments where heaven and earth meet.

This, my friend, is the “divine appointment”.

I heard a friend use this term recently and it’s stuck with me as a fundamental truth. If I were to take a glimpse at God’s appointment book, it probably would be overwhelming. But upon closer examination, I would see that every time slot would be my name, over and over and over again.

The beautiful thing is that He has divine appointments with you, too. But unlike us humans, who sometimes over pack our schedules, His love and capacity makes it possible to meet with us at every moment, no matter where we are—and He never runs out of time to do that.

I hope that the different reflections, big and small, help you to seek the ways God is initiating divine appointments with you. I hope you’re encouraged in turn to reach out to Him; after all, He’s always eager and ready to meet with you.

About me

Over the last several years, I’ve worn many different hats: communicator, writer, researcher, podcaster, postulant. But while those hats come and go, the one thing that has remain unchanged is my identity as a beloved of the Father.

Outside of these ‘hats’ I am a Catholic, Chinese-Canadian, and would consider myself a fine balance between extrovert and introvert. In addition to God Himself I also love a good book, pizza, ducks, and an escape room that’s challenging (but not too challenging!).

As I enter into a different season of my life and seek out the ways in which the Lord is leading me towards Him, I look forward to sharing more of these ‘divine appointments’ and also hearing about how He’s making divine appointments with you!

Be assured of my prayers for you—and please, I humbly ask you to pray for me too :)

In Jesus Master,

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Sharing the many encounters where God comes to meet us in every day life.


Beloved of the Father, on the journey back to Him.