It took me some time to re-work this to fit my new way of life, but this is my new (but also not-so-new), semi-frequent newsletter/blog.

Whether we’ve known each other for a long time or maybe we just recently got acquainted, I’m glad that you’re here — and thank you for reading along!

I’m Rachel. I entered with the Daughters of St. Paul as a postulant in October 2022 and moved from Vancouver to St. Louis. Prior to entering, I was working in marketing/communications and also hosted The Feminine Genius Podcast.

While many things are different about my life now, many things still remain the same: I love Jesus, I love where I come from, I love music and mountains and deep conversations, and I have a borderline obsession with pizza and ducks. Now, in a different way, I get to explore all of these seemingly random parts of me, and with Jesus, see where He wants me to go in this life He has given to me.

A word on the publication title

“Via, Veritas et Vita” is Latin for “Way, Truth, and Life” — taken from John 14:6: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” I remember being struck by the weight of these words the first time I heard them and really took them in, when I was in my second year of university. Jesus claims to be the only way, truth, and life — not simply one among many, but the way, the truth, and the life.

Years later, I would come to discern with and ultimately enter a community that has a particular devotion to Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life. Regardless of where I end up — and in fact, for all of us — it is only through Jesus that we find ourselves. And as we find ourselves, we begin to see beauty of the life that God has created for each of us. It is my hope that we all can be faithful to the one who has given us life, and that in this little publication I can share a little bit of my own journey with you.

I’m praying with and for you!


rachel wong | 黃曉曦
writer / podcaster. in a period of life transitions and trying to embrace it through writing about it. Catholic & Chinese-Canadian.